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Basic Fly Casting Class





About the Course

Fly casting is simple, really! However, it can also be a complete disaster if some basic fundamentals aren’t understood. Let our instructors take the mystery out of fly casting!

We offer a two-hour Basic Fly Casting Class designed to teach you these fundamentals and we guarantee you will learn to be a better fly caster. 

*Please note, a rod, reel, line and leader set-up is required. It is typically best that you learn on your own equipment but if you don't yet have an outfit, we can easily provide one for you. Just kindly let us know in advance and we will have the gear waiting for you.

Your Instructor

Ryan Ratliff

Ryan brings with him over 20 years experience in fly fishing and fly tying. He is an absolute professional in everything he does whether it be his job, his fishing or being a father and a husband. You will feel this when you work with him.

Ryan Ratliff
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