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Sunnybrook Trout Club

1104 Fremont Ave.

Sandusky, Ohio 44870



Sunnybrook is where we hold the majority of our 1 and 2-day fly fishing schools. We are thrilled to be partnered with such a fine location and operation. We truly feel that this is one of the best facilites of it's kind in the United States. You could not find a more perfect location for fly fishing schools!! 


Sunnybrook Trout Club is truly one of nature`s flagship sites. It is a wildlife conservancy where members can apply their fly fishing skills in settings that rival the challenges of wild trout streams. The club is situated on 130 acres of woodlands just south of Sandusky, Ohio. Two miles of Ohio`s legendary Cold Creek stream meander through its picturesque meadows. The stream surges directly from deep beneath the ground at a place five miles upstream from Sunnybrook called the `Blue Hole, a large cavernous spring which, mysteriously, seems to have no bottom. Trout were first stocked in the clear waters of Cold Creek in 1873 and have thrived ever since. Today a healthy population of rainbow, brook, and brown trout populate this stream.

Zanesfield Rod and Gun Club

2979, 3099 County Rd. 5 S

Zanesfield, Ohio 43360



Zanesfield runs and very close second to Sunnybrook when it comes to perfect spots for fly fishing schools. We hold several 1-Day Fly Fishing Schools here and are thrilled to be partnered with such an operation.


The story of Zanesfield trout waters goes back into early Ohio history. Indians of pre-pioneer days fished here. In 1891 Byron G. “Bun” Cushman was a young man. His father, Warren Cushman sent him to Castalia, Ohio to learn trout culture. At Castalia, the first trout in America had been stripped and artificially propagated. By 1913 the Cushman’s had acquired several tracts of land where the club now stands and they were in the trout rearing business. “Bun” Cushman developed the fish rearing facilities and trout holding waters during the 20s and 30s. “Bun” continued raising trout and entertained fisherman on his waters for a fee. Today the club spans over 220 acres and the recent addition of 14 enclosed fish holding tanks in the nursery insures a consistent supply of rainbow, brown, and brook trout for the anglers.

Mad River Outfitters

833 Bethel Rd.

Columbus, Ohio 43214



What better place to hold fly fishing classes than one of the best fly shops in the country?


Mad River Outfitters was founded in 1994 by Brian Flechsig. He sensed the need for a professional fly fishing operation in the region and set out on a course that has spanned nearly three decades. The company prides itself on the finest fly fishing products and services coupled with old fashioned customer service. The company has become one of the most recognized and respected names in the fly fishing industry. Mad River Outfitters features fly fishing gear and equipment, schools and classes, fly fishing guide servicec and a fly fishing travel addition to the massive website and e-commerce business. It is one of the largest independently owned fly fishing operations in the country.


Midwest Fly Fishing Schools is proud to be partnered with Mad River Outfitters and many of our fly fishing "Classes" will be held within the walls of the store. There you will find a classroom setting surrounded by the aura of the sport.


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