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Entomology 101





About the Course

This class is designed to take the mystery out of fly selection!

One of the biggest challenges that beginner and intermediate angler's face is trying to determine what fish are eating and how that relates to the flies that you should be using. You will learn a lot about bugs and their life cycles as well as other food organisms that fish eat. After getting pretty in-depth though, we will simplify things for you and make the process seem much easier and understandable than you ever imagined.

*No equipment or experience necessary. A basic handout that outlines the program will be provided and you may want to bring along a pen to take some notes.

Please read over our Payment/Cancellation Policies and of course, let us know if any questions.

Your Instructor

Brian Flechsig

Brian is the founder and President of Mad River Outfitters and co-founder of the Midwest Fly Fishing Schools. He has been teaching and guiding in this business since 1989 and considers himself an educator 1st and foremost.

Brian Flechsig
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