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Knots and Leaders Class





About the Course

One of the first 3 classes a beginning fly angler should take! Beginner's Program, Fly Casting and Basic Knots and Rigging. You'll be out fly fishing in no time!

This class is designed to teach you the basics of "putting things together" in the world of fly fishing. We will cover how you put together your outfit, how to properly attach leaders and tippets, basic rigging and will over all of the knots that you need to get started. We will also go into the basic rigging techniques for dries, nymphs and streamers as well as talk about some basic warm-water rigging techniques. 

Please read over our Payment/Cancellation Policies and of course, let us know if you have any questions. 

Your Instructor

Brian Flechsig

Brian is the founder and President of Mad River Outfitters and co-founder of the Midwest Fly Fishing Schools. He has been teaching and guiding in this business since 1989 and considers himself an educator 1st and foremost.

Brian Flechsig
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